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Return Management and Asset Recovery Services

Leveraging the proven expertise of ICT Reverse an EcoRenew Group company, and  one of the UK’s leading, fully accredited providers of reverse logistics for all ICT data bearing assets gained from our experience with  over 1431 customers in 24 different countries and offering international collections EcoRenew can offer a complete asset management service including the  processing and selling of all excess stock.

With locations from the States through Europe, the UAE and head quartered in Asia all aligned with a commitment to 0% landfill and 100% data destruction policies, we collect and safely dispose of redundant IT equipment whilst ensuring all data remaining on equipment is sanitised completely, securely and legally to provide the complete returns management service for all ICT assets.

With its true global foot print, in addition to our own internal sourcing from ICT reverse, EcoRenew has global buyers that source stock directly from new, 14 day returns, surplus, obsolete, refurbished and graded devices which combined with our in-house capability to refurbish mobile devices to ‘as new’ or a ‘graded’ standard as well as our Data management services, that offers businesses the opportunity to really maximise their revenues with complete confidence of meeting both commercial and regulatory targets EcoRenew can offer this service globally from one of our processing facilities in USA, Philippines and UK.

With the ability to not only sell and render distribution of products across multiple territories via its global market place auction platform , but the ability to offer world calls data and security management services, EcoRenew creates a competitive bidding environment , driving the best exit price and also gives control over exit channels and territories in a fast moving global market.