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EcoRenew Group Structure

The founders of EcoRenew Group have a long history of successful business development and are continually building a team of experienced industry professionals to ensure that the group remains at the forefront of technology and innovation as it continues to expand globally.

They are backed by a team of highly experienced and able managers heading up the business units across the globe. All our managers are cross trained so that in addition to their Business Unit responsibilities and specialties they are capable of representing the group across the full range of services.

EcoRenew has a number of clearly defined but interrelated “Business Units” (BU’s) within the group each with its own reporting line and clear areas of P & L accountability. The individual BU’s have their own organisational structures and are lead by suitably qualified and experienced Senior Managers.

This structure has enabled the introduction of new areas of activity with the objective that each has its own Management Team with P&L responsibility including a clear vision that the Group as a whole will achieve a more equitable business balance emanating from multiple revenue streams, as opposed to the dependence historically on a client base of a few major companies.


EcoRenew Group has to date always maintained a relatively “flat” management structure that has enable it to react to changes quickly in a fast moving  Smartphone business market place. With its constant upgrades, new models and consumer demands.

It has been this agility that has driven the growth of the company and now placed it into a position to be able to use its considerable assets and manufacturing capabilities to expand into new, but related areas of activity.