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Corporate and Social Responsibility

EcoRenew’s approach to Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business philosophy that creates long-term consumer and employee value taking into consideration every dimension of how our business operates in the social, cultural, and economic environment. Our CSR strategy is designed to quantify the positive impacts of sustainability by which we meet the ability to increase revenue, reduce energy expenses, reduce waste expenses, reduce materials and water expenses, increase employee productivity, reduce hiring and attrition expenses, and reduce strategic and operational risks.

Built around 3 Key elements, the EcoRenew embraces the philosophy of the need for:


By not only having an engaging and open Company environment, applying the same principles to the wider community has a positive impact on improved performance and increased profits. EcoRenew fosters an open culture that promotes employee involvement in the innovation and creative processes.

Stakeholder Engagement

By recognising the need to look internally and externally to understand Business, environmental and social impacts and their effect on sustainability; internally by educating employees and externally to engage stakeholders which includes customers, suppliers, community, and non-government organizations.

Thinking Ahead

To ensure that the company is “future proof” by implementing new creative ideas related to sustainability, such as preparing upgraded technology that can transform the product rather than throwing away old materials. New solutions that improve recycling and the redirection of waste can ultimately reduce costs and increase profits.

EcoRenew is determined to continue to build a business that participates in environmentally friendly or green activities to ensure that all its processes, products, and manufacturing activities adequately address current environmental concerns whilst maintianing a profit with the basic premise that corporate managers have an ethical obligation to consider and address the needs of society, not just to act solely in the interests of the shareholders or their own self-interest as a result a commitment to:


EcoRenew business uses high degree of recoverable materials including rare and expensive minerals and gives continual effort in the facilities to assure maximum reuse of materials and reduce energy consumption. We also ensure zero landfill from our scrap by working with the accredited recyclers and waster hauler. These practices help reduced our carbon footprint which considered both good for the company and the society as a whole.


As a responsible local Business employing a large number of employees from the community we consider it beholden upon ourselves to practice social responsibility by donating to local community programs.

Ethical Labour Practices

As a prominent employer in developing countries we fully endorse the philosophy of treating employees fairly and ethically as there is clear evidence that this results not only in terms of employee satisfaction but also increased productivity.